Saturday, May 28, 2011

Beauty Photography

 “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes.
It is not something physical.” - Sophia Loren

It was a long, cold winter and even though we are a 'hearty' folk here in Winnipeg, we still have the need to shake off those winter blues and rejuvenate ourselves for another season. 

Now that spring has sprung, what better way to feel renewed and refreshed (and perhaps a little bit sexy!) than to re-discover and reveal your inner and outer beauty? Have you ever had the desire to have a gorgeous portrait taken to either give to a loved one or perhaps just for yourself? 

As a professional photographer, I meet with you to discuss planning and creating a set of beautiful portraits. Photographed in the comfort of a centrally located, private and cozy studio, you can feel relaxed and confident that I will bring your vision to reality.

Perhaps you are looking for just one great enlargement to hang on a wall or maybe you would prefer a collection of images complied in a beautiful custom designed photo album. I can meet whatever your needs may be! Being a photographer and graphic designer, I am ready to create some beautiful work for you!

I am currently photographing out of The River Studio;  a collective of creative and talented visual artists. 

Contact me today to set up a consultation!

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