Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Recently, I was part of a group photography show titled No Rule(z). I was one of six artists who came together to produce an exhibition of visual art created solely by 'alternative' means (anything but a DSLR). Everything from Lomography to using expired film, cross-processing film and multiple exposures to iPhoneography!

Invitation design by Tara Craigon

The No Rule(z) photography exhibit was all about breaking down barriers and allowing creativity to find itself in the work that we created. In addition, by choosing alternative processes, we allowed ourselves to let go of all the technicalities that come with taking photographs. No Rule(z) was about the sense of surprise and discovery that comes when you get your first roll of film developed and find that magical shot; it's about discovering the happy mistakes that make a mediocre shot an amazing piece of art. Overall, No Rule(z) was about letting go and having a little fun.

I chose iPhoneography as my 'alternative' means of image capture. Freedom Photography, is how I define it. Many will limit the definition of "iPhoneography" to only those images taken with an iPhone and processed with apps on the iPhone. I think it is more about artistic expression than the technique.
Photographs aren't just about dynamic range and megapixels, they're about stories and moments.

The iPhone's simplicity and accessibility helps me concentrate more on seeing and recognizing those wonderful slices of life that unfold everyday before our eyes. With all the technical skills required to shoot with my DSLR, I feel very unencumbered to just shoot what I want, wherever I am and edit the image in a way that I am feeling in that moment. I love it. It brings be joy. It keeps those creative juices flowing. It fuels my inspiration for more elaborate photography projects I want to shoot with my DSLR and because the iPhone is always with me, I'm able to capture so many fleeting opportunities.

Whether I process the iPhone's digital images with iPhone apps or on my desktop computer is not the point. It's more about completing the artistic vision that came to my mind. I believe that taking photographs with an iPhone can lead to heightened visual awareness and that is the key for me. This iPhoneography philosophy has become my visual catalyst. The hardware surrounding this catalyst just happens to also make phone calls and play my music!

Here are some of my favorite contributions...

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