Sunday, September 19, 2010

In the Morning

I lost myself in the wet dewy grass of my front yard this morning. As soon as I looked out the east facing window as I stepped into the living room, I saw the diamonds that were now being revealed by the bright sun, warming the coolness from the night before. Even before breakfast, I grabbed my camera and a towel and started exploring. It was magical. An hour and a half later...I realized, I was hungry and should probably eat some breakfast!

The expereince reminded me of one of my favorite songs by Steve Bell,  In the Morning.

In the morning
When the dew lies on the ground
And your glory’s all around
In the morning
When the sun is on the rise
And your splendor fills the skies

I look to You in the morning
To be my strength for this day

Here is a link to some of the images I captured.


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