Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pen or Pencil ?

Welcome to my first blog post!

Someone asked me the other day if I consider myself more like a pen....or a pencil? I spent some time thinking about it and even though I feel each of us are a bit of both (depending on the day or even the moment), I think I am definitely more like a pencil. Why? Well here are a few reasons I came up with:

• sometimes I feel dull and need to be sharpened
• I would like to be able to erase some of my mistakes
• there are many shades to my personality
• I can be hard or soft
• I like my coffee fully leaded!
• I revel in the fact that I can be so many colours
• in my life I have been broken and felt 'thrown out'
• in conversation, I like to get to the point
there are times when I need to be carried in someone's pocket
I enjoy being in the a space with different writing instruments
I am straight but have several sides
• I have the ability to create beautiful sketches
• I am made of natural substances from the earth
• at times I travel alone and sometimes in a pack
• I have been imprinted with gold by my maker

What are you?

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